Countdown questions: Day 1

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Only one day to go! We are really excited to meet everyone tomorrow and encourage those not attending the event to keep the conversation going here on the site. We will be reporting back on the day and have more videos coming. Stay tuned!

Question 1: What means should librarians choose to encourage their institutions to embrace change?

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Countdown questions: Day 2

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Just one question today, as we thought this one might produce some long responses!

Question 1: What are the similarities or characteristics of thought leaders that you know? Tell us about the attributes that your ideal thought leader would have.

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Countdown questions: Day 3

Thanks again to everyone leaving comments or responding to the questions on their blogs. If you have a question about thought leadership you would like to see featured here, please send it to our team [Email address: team #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].

Question 1: How can experience of failure contribute to making an effective thought leader?

Question 2: What venues are available to us to constructively criticize each others ideas?

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Countdown questions: Day 4

Thanks to everyone who posted comments yesterday! Feel free to respond to the questions from any day and keep the conversation moving. For those attending the event, we will be continuing the conversations started right here on the day.

Today’s questions are:

Question 1: What should we expect/demand of our thought leaders?

Question 2: We can’t all be thought leaders all the time. Often, by necessity we are followers. So, what does it mean to follow a thought leader well?

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Emma Cragg, University of Warwick takes the challenge!

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Emma Cragg, Academic Support Librarian for Business and Management at the University of Warwick in England, looks at amazing examples of thought leadership in the UK that will serve as an inspiration to librarians everywhere.

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Countdown questions: Day 5

With only five days remaining till TEDxLibrariansTO, we will be posting a series of questions every day to help spark conversation around our theme “Librarians as Thought Leaders”. We hope that you will take a few moments and leave a response, anonymously or with your name, in the comments below.

Question 1: Name one thing we could do right now in order to be perceived as thought leaders outside the profession.

Question 2: How do we recognize a thought leader?

Question 3: Are the loudest voices online actually representative of important thought currents?

Update 1: If you are on Twitter, Andy Woodworth has informed us he will be running a poll every day on our theme, so please keep an eye out for them!

Update 2: Check out John Dupuis’ responses to our questions on his blog.

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Mover & Shaker Andy Woodworth replies to the challenge

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Andy Woodworth, a 2010 Mover & Shaker, is a librarian from New Jersey perhaps most famous for his “People for a Library Themed Ben & Jerry’s Flavor” campaign. You can find our more about him on his blog, Agnostic, Maybe.

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